Interesting Correspondence

Had a lot of very good messages today from many people. Could perhaps be getting old, it was always hate email back when I was much younger. The very first from Stuart Cawdry (he does not say where he is coming from) congratulating me on my brand-new publication . he said that despite looking through it and seeing the shallowness of the scenario he is nonetheless hanging on with the desire of a music profession. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this Stuart. It is the losers still holding on in the nightmare of their music careers that might need putting out of their woes.

Then 1 from someone known as Darren, (once more does not say exactly where from) this occassion about Star Tripping’. He states it ‘took me again to the mid-80s having stupid outfits and looking like a loser’. After that finishes by just saying: ‘You and Ross Halfin appear to be two from the most hilarious folk around the planet’. Well, I can confirm that Ross is certainly 1 funny guy all right in just about every sense. When we would always travel around the world together there were some nights I used to lie in the motel bed chuckling so hard at some thing he had said or had done that afternoon that I actually was not able to sleep. There was also nights of course when I used to lay cowering under the sheets over some thing he had carried out or said however it was usually seriously worth it. He has a harmful tongue, Ross. Speaks what he thinks. A nearly unprecedented unique character disorder in the rock and roll business.

Lastly, got 1 from Juan Perez from Stone newspaper in Portugal, stating he wants to review Star Trippin’. Said my experiences were ‘an inspiration’ for ‘decades’. Thank you very much, Juan. You’ve made an ancient man really feel…outdated.

Finally I really have to finish. I can hear the kids ranting in the bath as my lovely wife attempts to drown both of them. This indicates it must be nearly food time, probably the most important time of day for me personally because I put a stop to the booze and also the illegal substances. In fact I really am thinking about coming up with a book about it. Stir Fry High. It will definitely get you right off, man.


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